Additional Follow up Support

These packages are available for families who have worked with us in the past and for new families needing our help and guidance to achieving peaceful naps and restful nights.

60 minute follow up call

These packages are available for families who have worked with us in the past.


all prices are in AUD

30 minute follow up call + 2 x emails

These packages are available for families who have worked with us in the past.


all prices are in AUD

This package is also available after standard business hours – contact us for more information

How does the process work?

Firstly you’ll complete a Sleep Assessment. This provides me with an understanding of what is going on and how we can help you – If we think there is something medically underlying we will discuss this with you before moving forward.

You’ll receive your customised 14 day plan prior to our consult this way we can talk through the sleep process and common issues that come up – this is the best way to feel confident going into your first bedtime.

1:1 Consult to walk through the plan (in your home or via Skype) – we’ll talk through the process, answer any questions that you have and give you the support that you need to have a successful bedtime.

Once completed you’ll be confident with all of the info that you need, the step by step process and personalised support you’ll start to implement everything that we’ve talked about.

But don’t worry! You’ll also have 2 – 4 weeks of follow up text support so if you’re getting stuck or feeling overwhelmed we’re here to support YOU!

Renee is amazing! We live in WA so the phone consultation was the best option for us, Renee was always available to chat and answer all of my questions, giving lots of support, encouragement and guidance.

I always felt empowered after chatting with her via phone or text which is great when sleep training as you are always second guessing yourself. Renee helped us sleep train our 9 month old son who has always fed to sleep and with a few tweaks to his nap/bedtime routine he now self settles and only wakes once a night for a feed.

Thank you Renee for your time and professional help, you are a lovely woman so caring and helpful with tips and suggestions. Both Henry and I are happy we found you to help us with his sleep.

Thank you!!!!!

Stacey & Luke – 9 Month Old Baby

Our 15 month old only had contact naps or naps in the car and we co-slept from 11 pm.. after seeing Renee our little girl sleeps in her cot for 1.5 to 3 hours for her naps and 11 hours straight at night.

She goes into the cot and falls asleep on her own, now only has dummy for sleep association (she would have 3 at once before if I let her) but she can fall asleep without the dummy..

Renee is gentle, supportive and educational and we are sooooo grateful we chose her!!

Thank you so much!!

Bec & Daniel – 15 Month Old Baby

We can’t sing enough praises to Renee and her program! We contacted Renee when our daughter was 23 months old.

We had to lay with her for every nap and again at bedtime so she would fall asleep. From the day Renee came to visit, our lives changed! Our daughter holds our hand and walks into her bedroom. She chooses the books we read and falls asleep without us in the room!

Thank you for your beautiful energy, your support and for giving us back our lives!

We only regret not contacting you sooner!

Jessica & Nate – 23 Month Old Baby

My little boy was a bad sleeper from birth and I’ve suffered significant PND. We completed the week stay at Tresillian, the nurses dubbed him ‘spirited’ and they couldn’t get him down, proud Tresillian failures here! At 13 months, with little change, at my lowest of low, about to return to work, we contacted Renee.

I was skeptical at first because I felt Renee was going to be another last ditch attempt in a line of previous failures.

However Renee came recommended with great review and we committed, we saw improvement so quickly and as I write this four weeks after our contact, I can say I have a toddler that sleeps through way more often than not. There was NO crying it out, my PND can’t handle that. Renee was so supportive and lovely, she is firm yet gentle.

I would recommend her to anyone.

Sally & Brian – 14 Month Old Baby

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