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Hi, my name is Renee!


For the past 5 years, I’ve been helping Newcastle families get more sleep & I’ve finally worked out how I can simplify my sleep program into an easy to follow program that you can download from anywhere in the world – any time, night or day!

So if you’re struggling to get your baby to sleep at night or they’re cat napping through the day, leaving you awake all hours of the night, you can now get help on demand.

Your instant Sleep Solution is tailored to the age & gender of your child & specifically designed to tackle some of the most common sleep problems that you’ll face as a parent.

To make sure you’ve got all of the support & confidence to help your baby sleep, I’ve also included the option to upgrade with personalised email support or a 1:1 phone consultation, but this is completely optional.

This is the perfect option if you need baby sleep help RIGHT NOW!

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I cannot recommend Renee highly enough. She is amazing at what she does. I contacted Renee as my 9 month old was waking twice in a night for bottle feeds but refused most of her bottles in the day. I didn’t want to use the “cry it out” method, so Renee came up with stategies that worked for both myself & my baby.

Within days, one night feed stopped & now she is sleeping through the night without any bottle feeds & now she is drinking her bottles during the day.

Thank you Renee, for helping me get my sleep back

-Tracey, 9 month old baby

Renee is amazing!

We live in WA, so the phone consultation was the best option for us. Renee was always available to chat &answer all of my questions, giving us lots of support, encouragement & guidance. I always felt empowered after chatting with her via  phone or text, which is great when sleep training, as you are always second-guessing yourself.

Renee helped us sleep train our 9 month old son, who has always fed to sleep & with a few tweaks to his nap/sleep routine, he now self settles & only wakes once a night for a feed. Thank you Renee, for your time & professional help, you are a lovely woman, so caring & helpful with all the tips & tricks you gave us.

BothHenry & I are happy we found you to help us with his sleep, Thankyou!

-Stacey, Luke & Henry (8 months old)

Getting a nearly 3 year old to sleep was the most stressful & unpleasant experience, however, with some support, guidance & being given the tools we needed, we now have a sleeping little man.

I cannot recommend Renee enough. I was afraid that I would get told to just do this & that but the whole experience was completely different. Renee worked with me, checking in daily, to see how things were going & she worked out a schedule & a plan that would fit out family.

Renee was so calm & patient & she was honestly an amazing support network to have. It was the best money ever spent!

-Haylee, Luke & Boston (2 years & 9 months)

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