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Hi, my name is Renee!


For the past 5 years, I’ve been helping Newcastle families get more sleep & I’ve finally worked out how I can simplify my sleep program into an easy to follow program that you can download from anywhere in the world – any time, night or day!

So if you’re struggling to get your baby to sleep at night or they’re cat napping through the day, leaving you awake all hours of the night, you can now get help on demand.

Your instant Sleep Solution is tailored to the age & gender of your child & specifically designed to tackle some of the most common sleep problems that you’ll face as a parent.

To make sure you’ve got all of the support & confidence to help your baby sleep, I’ve also included the option to upgrade with personalised email support or a 1:1 phone consultation, but this is completely optional.

This is the perfect option if you need baby sleep help RIGHT NOW!

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Getting a nearly 3 year old to sleep was the most stressful and unpleasant experience, however with some support, guidance and the given the tools we needed we now have a sleeping little man. I can not recommend Renee enough.

I was afraid that I would get told just do this and that’s it but this experience was completely different. Renee worked with me, checking in at least daily to see how things were going and worked out a schedule and a plan that would fit our family. Renee was so calm and patient and was honestly an amazing support network to have.

Was the best money we have spent!

Haley & Luke – 2 Year & 9 Month Old Baby

I cannot speak highly enough of Renee. This woman is an angel. She’s lived the nightmare I have and she gets it.

Instantly I knew she understood me & my desperate need for things to change.
What sets Renee apart from many is her personal experience, she has compassion, empathy & knows first hand the hell that is living in a sleep deprived house. While I provided her with our sleep tracker & all the information she needed to create a plan that was suited for us, I didn’t ever feel like I needed to explain how much this was impacting us & how desperate I was something to change. She got it & I felt that every time we spoke.

Within 2 to 3 weeks, my daughter no longer needed me to be in her bed or in her room in order to go to sleep & she was only waking once over night & was able to be resettled quickly. 

After a month of executing Renee’s plan & after 2 years & 5 months of very little sleep, our little girl SLEPT ALL NIGHT!
We now have the confidence & knowledge to know how to bring her back on track when things like sickness create a disruption & we have a balance & sleep back in our life.
Renee you changed our life. We could never thank you enough for everything you have done for us. You are amazing. Thank you xxx

Sarah & Aaron – 2 Year & 5 Month Old Baby

Renee is an absolute god send! We contacted Renee when our daughter was 6 months old.

She had been sleeping well up until 3.5 months, when she started waking a few times in the night and was getting getting harder and harder to settle. I was feeding to sleep and feeding multiple times in the night. After doing Renee’s program, our little girl started sleeping through the night within a couple of weeks.

As a new mum, it’s quite scary trying to change sleep habits on your own. Renee’s support is absolutely incredible!

She would take phone calls at any time of day or night and was just so encouraging and supportive. She is your own personal cheerleader! I would not have been able to do it without Renee. She also helped us again at 9 months, when our baby was struggling with jet-lag and a messed up routine after a Europe holiday.

I cannot recommend Renee highly enough!

Jo & Andrew – 6 Month Old Baby


Day 3 and Mr 9 months is now falling asleep in his own bed. Reduced number of wakes overnight and no feeds overnight. All 3 items on our plan have been achieved. Loved Renee’s approach to sleep, gentle and loving to both Mum & Bubba.

Can’t thank you enough!

Amy & Nick – 9 Month Old Baby

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