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I can not recommend Renee highly enough. She is a beautiful soul who really knows her stuff. She saved me and our family by helping us transform my little girl into a dream sleeper who was easy to put to bed for sleeps and much happier as a result. If you’re having any trouble with your baby in regards to sleep I would not hesitate to get Renee on board.
Renee looks at the whole picture with your baby and family life to help implement the sleep flow that suits you best. She has an incredibly gentle approach where we never left Olivia by herself if she was upset. This was something that was important to me because I’m a softy and I didn’t believe in leaving my child to be distressed on her own.
Before we got Renee in, Olivia was fed to sleep. Which was beautiful initially but her night routine became progressively harder to transfer her and it also meant she was unable to settle to sleep by anyone else including my husband. The turning point was when I went to a wedding and she was left with my mother for her night routine. She screamed for three hours straight at high intensity and was so worked up she made herself sick and there was no way my mum was able to settle her to sleep regardless of what she tried.
After this night I tried on my own to break this feed to sleep cycle but she would get so worked up I would cave and fed her back to sleep ending up at square one. Olivia also became progressively harder to transfer from me to her cot and the whole night routine started to take hours before I successfully transferred her.
Renee came into our home and showed me how to settle her and also kept her from getting too distressed and we were able to get her to sleep using these techniques! Night two was dramatically easier than night 1 and by the end of the first week my daughter was sleeping so well day and night and self settling. She was a happier baby and I was a lot more free to do what I wanted in the evenings and I was able to leave her with my husband or babysitters to get a piece of my life back. I found myself again.
Renee also has wonderful follow up where she stays in touch to make sure you are on track and helps trouble shoot anything you come across along the way. Best money I have ever spent but I do wonder how she makes any money with the time and effort she puts into each client.
Holly, Tim and Olivia 5 months old

I am so grateful to Renee! We rang her when our boy was 11 and half months old..cosleeping, clingy, taking 2 and a half hours to fall asleep in the evening and stay asleep, even in our bed and then breastfeeding 4 to 5 times at night…exhausting! Wouldn’t even nap in his bed…we were driving laps. I was (both figuratively and metaphorically 😋) stumbling around in the dark, googling desperately to find answers.

We got the in-home visit package and my husband and I agree that it’s the best money we’ve spent.

Sleeping through the night in 3 days and naps in his bed!! She gave us the knowledge, plan and confidence to help him settle and be fine and calm in his own bed and his own room. You gave us our life back Renee. 🤗 Could not recommend her enough!!

Brianna,Toby and Xavier 11 months old

Renee is amazing! We live in WA so the phone consultation was the best option for us, Renee was always available to chat and answer all of my questions, giving lots of support, encouragement and guidance.

I always felt empowered after chatting with her via phone or text which is great when sleep training as you are always second-guessing yourself. Renee helped us sleep train our 9month old son who has always fed to sleep and with a few tweaks to his nap/bedtime routine he now self settles and only wakes once a night for a feed.

Thank you, Renee, for your time and professional help, you are a lovely woman so caring and helpful with tips and suggestions. Both Henry and I are happy we found you to help us with his sleep. Thank you!!!!!

Stacey, Luke and Henry 8 months old

We couldn’t recommend Renee enough!!
Our then 8-month-old Daughter needed rocking & being held to sleep, she was waking constantly all night long- meaning we were not sleeping, she was catnapping and fighting sleep during the day. Naps and bedtimes became such a stressful and long process.
We were all exhausted!

We contacted Renee and was blown away by her kindness, support & encouragement. We felt so comfortable having her in our home helping us and our little girl. The program is a consistent, loving approach to teach our girl to fall asleep happily in her cot by herself and Renee helped us with the right timings to get her to nap longer & sleep better!

After just 6 days… she slept through the night!! One month on….. we still cannot believe the turnaround!!

Our girl HAPPILY puts herself to sleep without us anywhere near the room, sleeps through the night ( or puts herself back to sleep after a feed), and has two big naps a day!

It’s amazing being able to spend more time with my Husband in the evenings too and even have dinner together haha! We are beyond grateful for Renee and will recommend her to anyone!!

Clare, Dave and Emma 8 months

Our 15 month old only had contact naps or naps in the car and we co-slept from 11 pm.

After seeing Renee our little girl sleeps in her cot for 1.5-2.45hrs for her naps and 11hours straight at night. She goes into the cot and falls asleep on her own, and only has a dummy for sleep association (she would have 3 at once before if I let her) but she can fall asleep without the dummy.

Renee is gentle, supportive and educational and we are sooooo grateful we chose her!!
Thank you so much!!

Bec, Daniel and Alexis 15 months old

Getting a nearly 3-year-old to sleep was the most stressful and unpleasant experience, however with some support, guidance and the given the tools we needed we now have a sleeping little man.

I can not recommend Renee enough. I was afraid that I would get told just do this and that’s it but this experience was completely different. Renee worked with me, checking in at least daily to see how things were going and worked out a schedule and a plan that would fit our family.

Renee was so calm and patient and was honestly an amazing support network to have. Was the best money we have spent!

Clare, Dave and Emma 8 months

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